Patanjali Ayurveda Kendra Pvt. Ltd.(PAK) was registered with Company Registrar’s Office, Government of Nepal in AD 2006 with the blessings of Yogrishi HH Swami Ramdev jee Maharaj & HH Ayurveda Siromani Acharya Balkrishna jee Maharaj. We are the sole distributor of the products of the various units of Divya Yog mandir (Trust) Haridwar, India.

  • Message from Chairman

    Dear friends and well-wishers, Om, On the auspicious occasion of Bada Dashain please accept my heart-felt wishes of good health, happiness and international brother-hood Dashain commemorates the victory of good over evil. Let us pray to Mata Bhagwati to grant us victory over our evil tendencies and to become better human beings. Jai Nepal Yours […]

  • About Chairman

    Mr. Babukaji Shrestha,¬†Chairman of our organization has been entrusted by the Board of Directors to head the Finance Department. Besides chairing Board meetings, Management Review meetings, and Monthly staff meetings, he approves the formulation of Quality Management System (QMS) and see to its proper implementation. He is expected to take part in national and international […]

  • About Managing Director

    Mr. Raju Shrestha, Managing Director of our organization has been entrusted by the Board of Directors to head the Administration Department. His job is to streamline administration processes and to that end we are working towards an ISO certification. OTHER BUSINESS INTERESTS / AWARDS / SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Owns Speedway Cargo (P.) Ltd. Owns Aseatic Traders […]

  • About Operation Director

    Dr. Pawaman Subedi has been entrusted by the Board of directors to streamline the operations of the company mainly the clinical operations, Pharmacy sales operations, laboratory services. He has also been entrusted with seeing to the smooth flow of merchandise from our suppliers in Hardwar to our warehouse in Kathmandu. Other Activities: Dr. Subedi¬†has been […]